Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, November 17, 2017

Another beautiful Granddaughter this morning and moving to Arizona.

Where are we today ?
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              We are Grand parents again ! ( number 8)Ya hoo !!!! Daughter number 2 had her 3rd child today a baby girl at 7:35 this morning . Every one is healthy and doing well, She is 7lbs 5 oz and this photo was taken when she was less than 1 hour old . Wow what a cutie, Are we happy, yup you betcha. Can't wait to see her in the spring. But we have been getting lotsa pictures sent to us, bonus ! Love technology ! That is our big news for the day, all the rest of this posting is not so important anymore.
               The early morning that we always do and more wonderful weather. My first walkabout before 7 am I passed by these 3 men in hunting gear looking through some high powered binoculars at the mountains. I stopped to chat for a few minutes and they were hoping someone was leaving today. I say's hey we be gone in an hour and you can have our site. Most of these are first come first served. They were happy campers.
       These guys are hunting the Siberian Ibex that they have tags for originally from Asia and are really flourishing here in the mountains around this area. You can check them out HERE almost like Mountain goats that cling to the shear mountain cliffs in this area.
Ryan one of the hunters that moved to our site
      We secured our coach and moved out just after 7:30 am stopped at the dump station and on the road by 7:45 heading to Arizona.
the long horns by the side of the road to say goodbye
love seeing these guys here
        Heading west on I-10n as we have done many times before, the usual warning signs about dust storms, and we have seen a few over the years. Clear sailing today, bonus !
      After fuelling up at the Flying J in Lordsburg we crossed into Arizona. Where we will spend most of our winter months wandering about the desert .
love the decorative overpasses here
        Just before Benson stop at the Texas Canyon rest area, for stretch and make a nice light lunch.
love the rock formations here
        Just 20 minutes later we arrived in Benson , topped up our propane and down the road the Super Lube Plus to get our coach serviced as we have done almost every year for the last 11. No appointment needed and we were taken in to get a lube , oil and filter done on our coach. Tom the Manager has been here every year and welcomed us. These guys are very thorough they do it right!
they can take rv's up to 12 ft and ours in 11ft 9 in.
no problem
      Just 20 minutes down the road we arrived at Quail ridge TV resort and check in just after 1:30. With our AOR membership only $9.00 a night plus electric, last year electric was only $1.25 for a week, we use our solar to save and it works wonderful.
all set up just after 2 pm and relaxing in the shade , 78F
love this trailer across from us
clear blue skies
one huge trails behind this coach!
    Enjoying our e-readers for a while then soon time to whip up supper. Tonight a couple of bone in pork chops,  Acorn squash and a salad for supper.
all done on our Weber Q 100 of course
nice sunset as were are ready to eat
moist and tender chops, squash excellent
and our healthy salad
sure hit the spot
       A nice travel day, great weather and settled in here for a few days, really gonna enjoy this area.
       Still loving the weather and nice to have you along with us for the journey.
       Thanks for stopping by and hope y'all had a great day as well.
209 miles today
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Where have we been this winter ?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Amazing Deming Museum and met new neighbours from Ontario Canada

Where are we today ? 
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        Another wonderful warm sunny day here in the desert. Got a couple of nice early morning walkabouts. so peaceful and warm this sure is the life.
sunrise over the Florida mountains
    Then just after 8:30 am we headed into Deming to check out the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum for their website click HERE  . And what an mazing museum this is! We are not museum people but this place just blew us away . It was built in the early 1900's and was used for many purposes over the years. Was an armoury etc.. and in the late 1970s  it was taken over as a museum, they have been working on it since then, all done by volunteers. Admission is free and they ask for donations. After our tour we sure had to make a donation.
this the place
outside displays
map of their place, it is HUGE !
    When we walked in 3 volunteers greated us and ask if we had been here before. Nope, Well the reply was you are in for an amazing experience, and they were right the money, This place just blows you away. 
we tired in the doll room over 1,000 dolls on display
Christmas displays too

the first pay phone  1919 Elpaso Texas
     Then we walked and we walked from room to room really hard to see everything there is just so much to see, actually took us just over 2 hours and we could have spent more time.
the large Fretwork clock made by hand early
1900's in Germany
       Now the pottery were displays amazing well.
guns from the early 1800's
on my, we had one of these at home when
 I was a kid and used it every day
making money typing out mailing envelopes
go paid 1 cent each
chuck wagon
more chuckwagon
    Then the Geode displays hundreds of them here.
      Just keep going from room to room.
liquor bottles
     Then to the liquor bottle displays over 2,000 here and they are amazing , never knew this existed until today.
liquor bottles
liquor bottles
liquor bottles
   Then we moved on to the cars and vehicles.
this sewing machine case is one of only 2 made 1900.
this pottery amazing , look at the dates
     Then we carried on this place is never ending!
quilts from as early as 1820 !
Now on to the second floor.
reminds me of our first Tv early 1950's
I was the remote, lol..
a bell collection !
equipment used for Polio, early 1950's
switch boards back in the day,
my grandmother worked on one of these
    That was our fun morning at the museum and we would highly recommend  this to anyone in the area a must see.
     Home for lunch and the afternoon enjoying our e-readers in the shade. New neighbours arrived and pulled in beside us . Heck they are from Southern Ontario not far from the we hang out, So we invited them for Happy Hour after they set up and flapped our gums. What a supper couple.
Suzie got her doggie fix with Ziva
Jay, Ziva and Marion
     Soon time for supper before it gets too dark.  I whipper up a salad to go with out Liver, bacon and onions on the grill mat on our Weber Q. Added a 1/4 acorn squash each as well.
this guy is towing this behind their rig,
love it
another, dog,  3 legged  dropped by to visit Ziva as well
supper cooking and caught another wonderful sunset
that's it Liver, bacon onions and
 squash all cooked at the same time
smells awesome
and tastes awesome, if you like liver,
and we both do 
      That was a our fun day, got my hair cut by me and Suzie , lubed our jacks and  steps, checked tires and oil so that we can head on out in the morning, Arizona here we come. Here it is 8:20 pm still outside in shorts finishing these posting and 64f (17C) gotta love this weather !
       Thanks for stopping on by and hope y'all had a great day too.

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Where have we been this winter ?