Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Relocating to Plattsville for a week and watch 2 grands play hockey

Where are we today ?
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      A warm night again nice sleeping with our windows open and awnings down listening to the rain, so calming it is. Then up early and did manage a couple of short walkabouts between the rain drops. Waiting for it to let up a bit before we hook up our car to head on out. Only have a 90 minute drive on the back country roads so no big rush.
      By 10 am we were all secured and head on out. Stopped at the Go Co on highway 22 right on our way to top up our propane only. 62.9 cents a litre, and fuel our coach as well.$1;15 a litre.
love the quiet country roads
this is the traffic that is here in the country
       Enjoying the nice back roads arrived in Plattsville at noon, had a bite to eat and got set up. Quick trip to New Hamburg for a prescription refill  and a Turkey for our Canadian Thanksgiving, no go, they are sold out of Turkeys! go figure. So will check around a bit more.
       Shortly after 3 pm the skies opened up but I did get our awning out and secured, so we are nice a dry here. Temps dropped to only about 70 f but still nice and comfy outside. Weber Q hooked up and for supper tonight a couple of our favourite Onion and Parsley Turkey burgers will do the trick. Nice and tasty they are.
yup we had rain for a bit
we do love camping here so peaceful
       Fired up our Weber Q to preheat and grilled our Turkey Burgers, That's it for supper tonight we don't need any thing else.
loaded burger sure did the trick tonight
     Supper and dishes done then down to the Arena to watch 2 our grands play hockey, Number 4 has a tryout at 6 pm and Number one an exhibition game from 8:15 till 9:20. Kinda late for us but maybe we can do it!
      Down to the arena to watch Grandson #4 in the tryouts,and as usual he is amazing! But heck what else can we say? He is our grandson!
he is a spitfire on the ice, easy to spot
ready to go
       Back home for a bit and then to see Grandson number 1 in an exhibition game at 8:15 tonight. It is only a couple of blocks away from Camp awesome .
      So back we go and enjoy this game and wow what a fast paced game it was. These guys really move and now have body contact, This was amazing hockey that we really enjoyed, And am sure the boys did as well.
that is him number 9 plays defence
non stop action 
      They played 3 full periods and ended up tied with score  1 to 1. His team was 2 men short when they tied the game. Not to bad for an exhibition game.
       Got to chart with him for a bit after the game then head back home, finish this posting and tome  to call it a night. So nice to get together with the family and watch our grandchildren doing their best with  the sports that they love. 
       Thanks for stopping by and really hope you a wonderful day as well.
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Where have we been this summer ?