Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Exploring the area and Wellton a very nice small desert town.

Where are we today ? 
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        Just another very nice quiet desert night, cool enough for sleeping but not too cold yet. After the coffee and computing I got a nice walkabout done around the area. And across the canal I found a disposal site that is open Sunday and Monday only, where we can get rid of our garbage, for free.
       And they have a sign here telling you the fish you can catch in the canal carp (catfish), the White Amur you must release. Who would think of fishing in the desert?
aparantley good fishing here too
          Then a drive around town to check it out a bit more. Stopped at the Del Sol Market and picked up a nice small pack of pork ribs, perfect for supper tonight.
          Back by the small plaza to fill our water Jug, good price .50 cents for 5 gallons, best price we have seen anywhere in all our years of travel. And across the road checked out the Chevron gas station and found that they have an rv dump station (actually 3) $7.00 to dump our sewage again not a bad price, not free but at least there is a place right close by if we need it.
       After a light lunch outside to enjoy our e-readers for a while enjoying the scenery and quiet of the desert. Cloudy periods off and on and temperature 72 with a light wind. but mostly from behind our coach so was able to enjoy a couple of warm hours in shorts.
      We took a break from reading about 1:30 and went in to check out the small museum in town. It was free and quite interesting. Lots of information on the area and photographs from long ago. How the town was found and formed. When the railway made its way through the area. Back then they needed water for the steam engines. So wells were drilled they had water and the town grew up around it originally know as Well Town, shortened eventually to Wellton.
this the place only open Sat and Sun 1 till 3 pm
there was about 6 carloads of people here too
large mammoth bone
     Lots of nicely displayed from items that were used or found in the area.
corn sheller
nice old cook stove, could have been in a restaurant 
similar to a dresser we had in our house
    Then a few items outside to check out as well.
        Inside more interesting things on display.
         We could take a "skull" with us to show our friends with a fact sheet explaining all about them.
our dwarf cow skull
we had one of these in the kitchen if our cottage in the 1950's
including the hoppers
I remember the ice tongs when the ice man delivered the ice to our ice box
before we got an electric fridge
      About 45 minutes here and back home to enjoy our reading time again in the warm sun.
mountains to the east
mountains to the north
         For tonight's supper I am making pork Rolled Ribs with sage stuffing , for the recipe clic HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar. Put them on our Weber Q about 2:30 wrapped in foil .
these are the ribs I used,
picked up this morning
          They were well done fall off the bone, on the grill for a couple of minutes just to brown them a bit . Mine kinda fell apart. The one on the left is Suzie's
this is what it is supposed to look like
Suzie gets the pretty one
mine not so pretty but still all there,
the cook gets the rejects with sauerkraut
but still tasty good fall apart as you can see
     Then as dinner was about to be served we were treated with another desert sunset.
          That was our fun day here enjoying this area as we do most places we explore.
          After dark was so nice to gaze at the star filled skies so bright and sparkling with no light polution.
          Glad that you stopped on by for a peek and hope y'all had a great day too.

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