Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, October 16, 2017

Cooler, boat storage, reading outside and meeting new blog followers.

Where are we today ? 
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        It was a very cool night and the wind still beating on our coach. It really cooled down only 45f (7C) at 6 am.; But sure could be worse . No complaints here at all. I just bundled up and got a few nice early walkabouts, While our Turkey soup broth was simmering away. The broth made last week and froze. Now a perfect day to make some homemade soup.
       Just added a few more spices and noodles and we had a very hearty soup for lunch, even a few more lunches as well.
homemade stoup, banna, orange and apple a perfect lunch!
on a cooler day
        After lunch I cruised around the Conservation area and down by the lake. First I checked out the beach. Nobody there!  Not surprised , when it is cold and windy. This place is very busy on the hot summer days no doubt.
nice pavilion  
wonderful beach
lake Ontario almost like an oceanOhio way over there 
the CN tower in Toronto in the distance  
       Then down by the Harbour at 50 Point Marina, here off season and pretty quiet right now.
Rescue boat here if needed
        There is a lot of boats in the water, But they have a few here taking many out with cranes and lifts putting therm in storage as I was lucky to see one taken out,
they are cleaning the hull of the one
         Below is a trailer heading in getting ready for another one.
this sail boat mast removed ready to go 
these guys know their stuff
heading out into storage for the winter
the landing Restaurant closed for the season
this guy is getting his boat ready  for storage
       Now after this fun time I headed home to repack our winter supply of coffee. We have 4 1/2 boxes enough bags for 200 pots of the coffee we love. I can repack this.
to make more room I can repack into 3 boxes, below
now we have enough coffee until next spring = perfect!
          Now with lotsa sunshine we found a spot out of the wind to sit outside and enjoy our e-readers for a couple of hours.
       And of course when we sit outside we meet our neighbours, also met some more blog  followers. When we sit outside reading always meet people, part of the lifestyle!
sunny warm and no wind here
      I finished another book and began another page turner, James Patterson , always a good read.
what a perfect day
    While here Bonnie and her dog Stella stopped by for a chat, nice to see them again and a doggie fix for Suzie.
Stella is a sweetie
     Also another neighbour stopped by with Tucker, another Tucker fix for Suzie as well. Even another neighbour Steve that follows our blog, wow we had company for a short while!Always nice to meet new people though.
       Soon time to whip up supper, I made our tasty salad while our Weber Q preheated and grilled some chicken drumsticks for supper.
Weber Q ready to grill
supper ready
yummy?yes !
and a nice sunset too wrap up the day
       Not a bad day at all just taking it easy and relaxing on a sunny, but cooler fall day.
       Thanks for stopping on by.

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Where have we been this summer ?